Steve McCarty was born in Boston and became a full Professor in Japan. He currently lectures for Osaka Jogakuin University and the Japanese government foreign aid agency. At Kansai University from 2015-2020 he taught ICT classes to international students and held a unique Global Faculty Development position. Since 1998 he is the World Association for Online Education President. His CV lists 250 publications and 99 presentations (including 9 international conference keynote addresses), with 577 citations recognized by Google Scholar. He publishes on online education, bilingualism, Japan, and the academic life. His research memoir is in the 2022 book A Passion for Japan. See CORE contributions below, or start from the Website Japanned.


Steve studied physics and philosophy at Northeastern University in Boston, then specialized in Japan for an M.A. degree from the University of Hawaii, with journalism internships in the State House of Representatives.

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“Discovering Japanese Fusion of Religions on the Pilgrimage Island of Shikoku”  in A Passion for Japan [at ResearchGate | Academia Edu] (2022)

“Podcasting Reconsidered” [at ResearchGate | Academia Edu] (Dec. 2022)

“Lifelong Learning and Retiring Retirement Stereotypes” [at ResearchGate | Academia Edu] (Nov. 2022)

Online Education as a Discipline.” Academia Letters (2021)

Post-Pandemic PedagogyJournal of Online Education, New York University (2020)

Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan whole book (2017)

Social Media to Motivate Language Learners from Before Admission to After Graduation

Global Online Education

Spoken Internet to Go: Popularization through Podcasting

Internationalizing the Essence of Haiku Poetry


Japanned site at Humanities Commons: Academic LifeeLearningJapanology > government lectures | BilingualismInventory | Teaching | Journalism | Multimedia (podcasts & videos) | WAOE (World Association for Online Education) | About Steve >  | スティーブについて / 著作リンク集.

Organized an Indo-Japanese research group and wrote a proposal for a bi-national grant for 2024-2026 on Indo-Japanese Collaboration to Humanize Online Educational Experiences.

Podcasting channel Japancasting: see Multimedia

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

“Documenting a Research Grant Application Process between Japan and India.” Keynote Address (2023) slideshow.

Listen to “KUKAI THE UNIVERSAL with Professor Steve McCarty.” Deep in Japan podcast (2023).

“Bilingual Perspectives on Language Teaching: The View from the Goal” (2023) slideshow / 21-minute video.

“Encountering famous East-West bridge persons across the U.S to Japan” (2022) slideshowvoice recording.



World Association for Online Education: elected President since 1998.

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