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    Isabella Trindade, Ph.D. is an architect, interior designer, and educator. She has lived and worked in Recife (Brazil), Paris and Bordeaux (France), and Toronto (Canada) with degrees from the Federal University of Pernambuco (B.Arch and M.Arch), the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Ph.D.), and the York University (Postdoctoral researcher). 

    Trindade’s research focuses on architectural history, theory, and criticism with a particular emphasis on mid-century modern architecture and interiors in the years following World War II, with an interdisciplinary analysis that emphasizes the cultural influences from Europe in the making of buildings and interiors.

    Throughout her career, Trindade has combined her academic and professional practice. She has extensive experience in architecture and interior design and has executed a number of projects, including participation and awards in national and international competitions. Her extensive travels have also helped to create a global professional network over the years, including a long partnership with universities in Latin America and Europe.

    Currently, Trindade is an instructor at the Ryerson School of Interior Design in Toronto, and has taught a range of courses in History, Visual Communication, Design Dynamics, and Design Studio. She engages seamlessly across these fields and recently received the Dean’s Teaching Award 2020 (CUPE 1) from Ryerson University. 

    She is the author of several published articles in academic and professional journals and numerous presentations at seminars on national and international conferences.

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