Dr. Federico Scaroni is an architect working on the relationship between the historical heritage and its contextualization with both society and environment evolution and particular expertise on the comparison between East Asian/Japanese and European/Italian contexts and related urban space perception. He is the founding member of Federico Scaroni Architectural Office, a design firm working on small and large-scale design with specific focus on renovation. He has participated in/and organized several international competitions, conferences and workshops in collaboration with Japanese, Italian and American institutions. His present research focuses on Japanese urban and rural modern ruins preservation as part of his study on historical heritage and its contextualization.

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    Aistugia – Associazione Italiana Studi sul Giappone (Italian Association on Japanese Studies) – https://www.aistugia.it/

    Associazione Storia della Città (History of the City Association) – https://www.storiadellacitta.it/

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