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    Seleucia ad Calycadnum Journal, Founding Board Member and Co-Editor, 2011—

    “The Roman Bridge Over the Chabinas: Meaning in Infrastructure,” in Between Syria and the Highlands. Studies in Honor of Giorgio Buccellati and Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, Sanem 3, 2020, 175-185

    Roman Architecture and Urbanism, co-author with F. Yegül.  A comprehensive examination of Roman built works covering over 1000 years and 1 million square miles. Cambridge University Press 2019. ** PROSE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2020, Best Reference Work, Association of American Publishers


    “The Far Side of the Bridge: Eastern Perspectives on Roman Bridge Technology,” Seleucia IX (2019) 75-90.


    “The Unequal Triangular Obelisks of Anatolia,” Sull’architettura delle province, da Augusto ai Severi, tra inerzie locali e romanizzazione edited by Giuseppe Mazzili,

    Thiasos 8.2 (2019) 177-194.


    “Urban Commemoration: The Pompa Triumphalis In Rome,” Wiley Companion to the City of Rome (2018) 599-618.


     Obelisk Bones / Obelisk Kemikleri,” Seleucia VIII (2018),13-25.


    “Reading Augustan Rome: Materiality as Rhetoric in situ,” Advances in the History of Rhetoric 20 (2017), 180-195.


    “Reverse Engineering Augustan Rome,” Maia 68.2 (Feb. 2016) 300-311.


    Paradigm And Progeny: Imperial Architecture And Its Legacy, co-editor with J. Pinto, F. Yegül, and G. Metraux, Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplement, 2015.


    “An Irresistible Compulsion:” The Urban Armature as a Roman Operating System” in

    Paradigm And Progeny: Imperial Architecture And Its Legacy, co-editor with J. Pinto, F. Yegül, G. Metraux, Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplement, 2015, 105-22.


    Moving Events: Curating the Memory of the Roman Triumph,” in Memoria Romana. Memory in Rome and Rome in Memory, Karl Galinsky ed., Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome suppl. (2014) 85-102.


    Se non é vero, é ben trovato (If Not True, It Is Well Conceived), Digital Immersive Reconstructions of Historical Environments,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 71.2 (2012) 273-278.



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      Currently working on Roman arches commemorating infrastructure, the impact of contemporary architectural theories on Roman spatial studies, and interconnections between Roman sculpture and architecture.



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