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    My research focuses on Richard Neutra and twentieth century Spanish architecture, during the Franco period.  At Kent State University I serve as Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies.  In addition to design studios, I teach several architectural history/theory courses, including: Twentieth Century Architecture, The Modern in Spain, Convivencia: The Architecture of Al-Andalus, Structural Typology and Understanding Architecture.


    Doctoral: Doctor Arquitecto in History and Critical Analysis of 20th Century Spanish Architecture, University of Navarra (Spain), 2011.  Dissertation: Richard Neutra and Spain’s Transition to Modernity (Miguel A. Alonso del Val, chair).  Abstract and full text available here.

    Masters: Máster de Diseño Arquitectónico, University of Navarra (Spain), 2005.

    Bachelors: B.ARCH, Ball State University, 2001.

    Registered Architect in Indiana



    Journal articles

    2021                Brett Tippey, “Richard Neutra in Spain: Consumerism, Competition and US Air Force Housing, 1956” (peer/editor-reviewed), Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (University of California Press, March 2021), vol. 80, no. 1, 48—67.

    2016                Brett Tippey, “Richard Neutra’s Search for the Southland: California, Latin America and Spain” (peer/editor-reviewed), Architectural History (SAH-Great Britain, Cambridge University Press, 2016) no. 59, 311—352.  Link to full text here.

    2013                Brett Tippey, “Genuine Invariants: The Origins of Regional Modernity in Twentieth-century Spain” (peer/editor-reviewed), Architectural History (SAH-Great Britain, 2013) no. 56, 299—342.  Link to full text here (with JSTOR access).

    Book chapters

    2021                Brett Tippey, “Muy antigua y muy moderna: Neutra y Albalat” in Andrés Fernández Albalat arquitecto.  Materiales de archivo: Obra coruñesa (1959-1999), ed. Antonio S. Río Vázquez (A Coruña, Spain: Ayuntamiento de A Coruña and Lugami Artes Gráficas, 2021), 61—68.

    2014                   Brett Tippey, “Traditional Worship and Social Reality: The Religious Architecture of Richard J. Neutra” (reprinted conference paper), in Contemporary Religious Architecture: Between the Concept and Identity, ed. Esteban Fernández Cobián (New Castle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014), 291—300.

    Published conference proceedings

    2020                Brett Tippey, “On Lamp Posts and Flagpoles: Beauty and Infrastructure in the Work of Eduardo Torroja” (peer-reviewed), in Los edificios de la Industria: Icono y espacio de progreso para la arquitectura en el arranque de la modernidad, edited Juan Calatrava et al (Pamplona, T6 Ediciones, 2020), 525—532.

    2018                Brett Tippey, “Eduardo Torroja, Concrete and Spain’s Indigenous Structural Types” (peer-reviewed), 35th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia/New Zealand, Wellington, July 2018.  Link here.

    2017                Brett Tippey, “Allusions and Illusions in Twentieth Century Spanish Architecture” (peer-reviewed), in Quotation, Quotation: What Does History Have in Store for Architecture Today.  Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia/New Zealand, 2017, ISBN 978-0-646-98165-9, 731-744.  Link here.

    2015                Brett Tippey, “Blurred Lines: Ideological Ambivalence in Spanish Architecture of the 1930s and 1940s” (peer-reviewed), in Entangled Histories, Multiple Geographies, ed. Ljiljana Blagojevic et al.  (Belgrade, University of Belgrade—Faculty of Architecture and the European Architectural History Network, 2015), ISBN 978-86-7924-174-0, 112-122.

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