Graduated from Ankara University, Journalism Dept. Received a Masters’ degree in history, from Bogazici University.  Completed her Ph.D. thesis entitled “the Loss of Modesty: The Adventure of Muslim Family from Neighborhood to Gated Community” at the European University of Viadrina, in 2014 (supported by Global Prayers Project initiated by MetroZones). Worked for Helsinki Citizens Assembly’s project entitled “Citizens Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security” in Western Balkans and Turkey. She served as a visiting scholar at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Philipps Universiy, Marburg, in 2016. She has been a postdoc fellow in Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Center for Global Cooperation Research, in Duisburg, during 2018. She is recently a visiting scholar at CNMS, Philipps University, Marburg.


2010-2014 PhD, Cultural Anthropology, European University of Viadrina, Thesis: Loss of Modesty: The Adventure of a Muslim Family from a Mahalle to a Gated Community, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Werner Schiffauer

1999-2004 Master of Arts, History, Boğaziçi University, Thesis: Baptising Territory: Constituting Rumelia after 1878, Supervisor: Prof. Huricihan İslamoğlu

1992-1997 Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Ankara University

Other Publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

2016 “Building, Marketing and Living in an Islamic Gated Community: Novel Configurations of Class and Religion in Istanbul”, in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (special issue entitled “Entrepreneurial Religion in the Age of Neoliberal Urbanism” ed. by Stephan Lanz and Martijn Oosterbaan.) Autumn 2016

2016 “AKP’s Housing Policy: TOKI as the Loyalty Generator”, in The Austrian Journal of Development Studies (JEP), Special Issue on Turkey: The Politics of National Conservatism, vol. XXXII 1/2-2016, (Special Issue, Guest Editors İlker Ataç and Joachim Becker)

2015 “The Watch Movement: Searching Justice for Workers and its Families”, in Journal of Communication Studies (special issue on counter-publics), İletişim Araştırmaları (Communication Studies), 2014, 12 (2), Ankara University Centre for Communication Studies and Applications

2010 “Medya Neden Yolsuzlukla Mücadele Edemez?” (Why cannot media struggle against corruption?), in İş Ahlakı Dergisi (Turkish Journal of Business Ethics), November 2010, Volume 3, Issue 6, pp. 47-60, İGİAD.


2016 Gola Gza (The Road of Plateau), a book based on the interviews with the founders and supporters of Gola Culture, Art and Ecology Association working in the Black Sea region to protect and negotiate Laz language and culture (Editor), Heyamola Yayinlari, June 2016

2013 İstanbul: Müstesna Şehrin İstisna Hali, (Istanbul: The State of Exception in an Exceptional City), (Co-editor Pelin Tan) Sel Kitap.

2011 Mahremin Göçü (The Migration of Intimacy), interview with Nilüfer Göle, Hayy Kitap.

2010 Nefret Suçları ve Nefret Söylemi (Hate Crimes and Hate Discourse, Conference Proceedings), (Co-editor, with Aylin B. Yıldırım), International Hrant Dink Foundation.

2009 Medya ve Güvenlik Sektörü Gözetimi, Sınırlar ve İmkanlar (Media and Security Sector Oversight, Limits and Possibilities), (Co-editor Volkan Aytar), TESEV, 2009

2002 Yerel Tarih Grupları için Halkla İlişiler Kılavuzu (Public Relations Handbook for Local History Groups), Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey

2001 Cemil Meriç ve Bu Ülkenin Çocukları (Cemil Meriç and the Children of this Country), (Co-editor Ergun Meriç), İz Publications, 2001

Book Chapters

2015 “Bu daha başlangıç: Müslüman Antikapitalistler ve sokak dostluğu” (It’s only the beginning: Muslim Anticapitalists and friendship on the streets), in Yerel Asiri Musterekler (Translocal Commons), ed. by Yahya M. Madra & Muge Sokmen, Metis Publishing House, in Fall 2015.

2015 “Müslüman Antikapitalistler ve sosyal medya: Radikal ama mesafeli bir uzlaşı dili” (Muslim Anticapitalists and social media: a radical but distanced language of consensus), in Türkiye’de Alternatif Medya (Alternative Media in Turkey), ed. by Bora Ataman & Baris Coban, Kafka Publishing House.

2014 “A search for justice in the exile neighborhood”, an epilogue for the artist book produced for Raziye Kubat’s painting series entitled “the Story of Yusuf”, Dada Books, July 2014.

2013 “Negotiation as a research methodology”, in Global Prayers: Contemporary Manifestations of the Religious in the City, Lars Mueller Publishers, Zurich.

2012 “Our homes, our cliffs”, a prologue for the artist book produced for Nalan Yirtmac’s exhibition entitled “Please Move towards the Back II: Disastercity”.

Essays and articles (selection)

2016 “Merakı Örgütlemek” (Organizing Curiosity), Karga Mecmua, August-September 2016

2015 “Exercising Ethnographic Distance in Artistic Production”, introduction for the Koken Ergun’s “Young Turks” exhibition, January 30–March 26, 2016, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

2014 “Building the Turkey of tomorrow. Land speculation as a tool for the politicisation of the national economy”, in Architese (International Thematic Review for Architecture, published in Zurich), in special issue entitled “Empire State of Real Estate”.

2014 “Gülen sect: Reached for the state, got capital instead”, Perspectives, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, April 2014

2014 “Bourdieu, Wacquant ve Gezi Parkı’nın ‘küçük burjuvaları’” (Bourdieu, Wacquant and the ‘petty bourgeoisie’ of Gezi Park” an interview with Loic Wacquant, Toplumsal Tarih, February 2014.

2014 “Lamekânda muhalefet: Yerelaşırı müşterek de ne ola ki?” (Opposition in nonspace: What is translocal common?), an interview with Susan Buck-Morss), Express, February 2014.

2013 “Tarz-ı hayat içre hiss-i adalet”, (The feeling of justice in lifestyle), Express, December 2013.

2013 “AKP goes to Africa: Imperialism by anti-Imperialists”, Perspectives, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, April 2013.

2013 “Islamcı muhafazakarlık ya da cümlenin ikinci yarısı”, (Islamist conservatism or the second half of the sentence”, Notos, Issue: 40.

2012 De Stad en de grenzen van religieuze tolerantie”, in Tijdschrift over Cultuur&Criminaliteit, Netherlands.

2011 “Görünür fantaziler: Büyüklük kimde kalsın?” (Visible Fantasies: Who will be the Greatest?”), Birikim (the special issue entitled Insaat ya Resulullah), October 2011 (The issue with updated articles is re- published as a book in April 2016, by Birikim Publishing House).

2010 “Radikal demokrasi için” (For Radical Democracy), an interview with Ernesto Laclau, Express, December 2010.

2010 “Tophane’de ne oldu?” (What did happen in Tophane?), Bir+Bir, N: 7

2009 “Die gecekondus als politische Bewährungsprobe”, (Co-author with Ulus Atayurt) Arc+, Istanbul wird grün.

2009 Tableaux de l’agriculture turque: sa “douceur” s’en est allée”, Informations et Commentaires – le développement en questions, N. 146.

2006 “Cosa Contiene il Baule della Dote? / Lettera di Istanbul,” (What’s in the Dower Chest? Marriage Traditions in Turkey), (Co-authored with Volkan Aytar and Jaklin Çelik), Itinerari d’Impresa, 10, Rome.

2006 “Isabelle Eberhardt: Serseriliğe övgü” (Isabelle Eberhardt: A tribute to vagabondage), Toplumsal Tarih, February 2006

2001 “Eine Frau, Zwei patriarchalische Darstellungen”, (Two Women, Two Patriarchal Representations: the Merve Kavakçı Affair in the Media), (Co-author with Sevda Alankuş), in Barbara Pusch (ed.): Die neue muslimische Frau. Standpunkte und Analysen (The New Muslim Woman: Standpoints and Analyses), Orient Institute, Istanbul 2001

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