ARIJIT SEN teaches architectural design, urbanism and cultural landscapes at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He cofounded Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures, an interdisciplinary doctoral program area shared by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Milwaukee. His writings include articles and book chapters on South Asian immigrant cultural landscapes and early 20th Century immigration in the United States.


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. 2002

Arch., Iowa State University, Ames. 1991

Arch., University of Bombay, Bombay. 1987




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 Journal Articles 

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Book Chapters 

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 Proceedings and Working Papers

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Thai-Japanese Culture on Architecture and Environment: Decoding House Form and Culture, Teleconference Discussion on Culture, Architecture, and Environment, June 3-July 1, 2006, Lectures (4 weeks, 1 hour long course and lecture, assignments), Print and DVD format

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Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures website content design and implementation. Designed and wrote the intellectual content of the Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures website and information clearinghouse for scholarship on the study of cultural landscapes and architectural history. http://www.blcprogram.org

Participatory Design Workshops reports, Facilitator, Kinnickinnic River Trail Design Workshop, National Park Service, WDNR, City of Milwaukee, UWM Community Design Solutions, Groundwork Milwaukee, and the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, October 25, 2006REPORT THIS AD

“Participatory Design Workshops,” Mountain View Charette team, San Jose State University, Department of Urban Planning, San Jose, CA. Summer 1995

“The Seen, the Unseen, and the Scene: A Cultural Landscape Cross-sectional Study along Jackson Street, Muncie, IN,” Proceedings of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture West Central Conference, Ball State University, October 2003

The Exhibit and monograph, CAP Americano Sur Exhibit at The CAP gallery, Ball State University, Fall 2004

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