The SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (SAH WiA AG) is a Board-approved affiliate group of members of the Society of Architectural Historians who share a common, scholarly, or other, interest aligned with the SAH mission.
The Mission of SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group is to support the breadth of interests of SAH members, to advocate the international, national, and regional contributions of women in architecture, to champion the cause of gender equity and the diversity of professional engagements in the integral field of the built environment.
The Objectives of the Group are to provide a platform for collaborative scholarship and a forum for discussion; to document, support, and advance research, publication, education, and exhibition initiatives; and to integrate professional standing of women in architecture with broader studies across cultures and geographies.
The Guidelines are envisioned to acknowledge the vast landscapes of yet latent legacies, contexts, and perspectives, to record the largely unwritten women’s professional histories, to invite questions and debates, stimulate studies and discussions in emerging and bordering areas, and to address current work and the cultivation and empowerment of the next generation. The gravity of objectives for the group is determined by an urgency to fill the void in resources about women’s contribution to the built environment, leadership, and new trajectories of global transitions.
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Marya Lilien-Czarnecka (1900–1998)

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    Pauline Saliga

    If you can help this researcher, please reach out to him directly.  Thank you!

    I wish to broaden my knowledge about Marya Lilien-Czarnecka (1900–1998). She was born in Lviv and received her MA in architecture from Lviv Polytechnic University in 1931, and became the first woman apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. On her apprenticeship term, a visit to Lviv in 1937, and return to the USA from a war-ravaged Europe, she spent the summer of 1941 in Taliesin and then moved to Chicago, where she began teaching at the School of the Art Institute. There she organized an interior design program and was appointed Head of the Department of Interior Design, where she lectured until 1967. On her retirement from the Art Institute, she continued to teach architectural history at Columbia College in Chicago.

    Could I kindly ask you whether you are familiar with Marya’s colleagues, who could eventually share their memories?

    With best regards,

    Dr. Sergey Kravtsov,Research Fellow,
    Center for Jewish Art,
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
    Mount Scopus, Humanities Building,
    Jerusalem 9190501, IsraelTel.: (972-2) 5882281; Fax: (972-2) 5400105, ID: 0000-0003-1698-9100

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