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Reaching New Heights: Fazlur Rahman Khan and the Skyscraper 

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    Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.

    Reaching New Heights: Fazlur Rahman Khan and the Skyscraper

    “ Directed by Laila Kazmi, Reaching New Heights: Fazlur Rahman Khan and the Skyscraper, is a feature length documentary film about the American structural engineer and architect Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan, known as the ‘Einstein of structural engineering’ and ‘father of modern skyscrapers.’ Khan, a Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh (then East Pakistan), designed the iconic Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) and the John Hancock Center in Chicago. His pioneering innovations in skyscraper design literally transformed the landscape of America’s largest cities and paved the way for supertall skyscrapers worldwide. The Fazlur Rahman Khan documentary is currently in production. With Director/Producer Laila Kazmi, Associate Producer Arnila Guha and Art Director Begoña Lopez.

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