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SAH 2024 CFP Historic Interiors Group endorsed session – due January 9, 2023

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    Jennifer Komar Olivarez

    The SAH Historic Interiors Group invites session proposals on the theme of historic interiors for SAH 2024. The Historic Interiors Group (HIG) is an affiliate of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH). One of the goals of HIG is to promote and advance scholarship in the history of interiors. HIG regularly endorses a session at the annual conference of the Society of Architectural Historians.

    Members and non-members of HIG are invited to submit proposals for an in-person session that would be of interest to the SAH membership as a whole for the SAH conference to be held in Albuquerque, April 17-21, 2024. HIG welcomes proposals that introduce new scholarship, methods, and approaches. To reflect the diversity of people who make and discuss interiors, HIG seeks proposals from individuals, but also from collectives and organizations like journals, institutions, etc.; groups from the Albuquerque region are especially welcome.

    The benefits of endorsement by HIG include the likelihood of an audience of HIG members for the panel at the conference and greater visibility for the session overall through HIG’s website, listserv, and social media.

    For the upcoming 2023 conference in Montreal, HIG endorsed the session “Material Religion Through the Sacred Interior” organized by Tania Kolarik (U. of Wisconsin-Madison).

    Requirements for the HIG-endorsed panel proposal are the same as those specified by SAH. SAH/HIG Membership is not required at the time of application for HIG’s endorsement. If you are interested in proposing a HIG-endorsed session for SAH 2024, please send your proposal to the co-chairs of the Events and Conferences Committee: Timothy M. Rohan (, Imogen Hart ( and Angelica Ponzio ( by January 9, 2023:

    1. A session title not longer than 65 characters, including spaces and punctuation
    2. Summary of the subject and the premise in no more than 300 words
    3. Your name, professional affiliation (if applicable), address, telephone number, and email address
    4. A current CV (2 pages maximum)


    The Events and Conferences Committee will choose one of the submitted proposals in time for the applicant to submit the endorsed proposal to SAH with the HIG endorsement by January 17, 2023.The HIG endorsement does not guarantee selection of the session at the conference. The session will go through the regular SAH peer-review process before it is accepted for the conference. The session organizer submits the HIG-endorsed proposal to SAH. More information about the conference can be found through this link here.

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