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ECR French Nineteenth-Century Art Research Forum 15 February 2023

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    Jennifer Komar Olivarez

    ECR French Nineteenth-Century Art Research Forum: From Theatrical Stages to Domestic Interiors

    • Wednesday, 15 February 2023
    • 17:00  18:00

    ECR French Nineteenth-Century Art Network Research Forum:

    From theatrical stages to domestic interiors: performance and decorative arts in the second half of the nineteenth-century, Paris and London – Dr. Barbara Bessac

    My talk will introduce the main developments of my current research on the theatricalisation of home decoration regarding the evolution of stage design practices in the nineteenth-century. It will show how theatrical stages, as collaborative artistic platforms, enhanced the dissemination of new decorative practices and trends in home furnishing and clothing. It will also focus on the relationship between individuals and objects, both on and off stage, and the symbolism of interior material environments and their layout. This work highlights the circulation of decorative arts around the theatres and proposes a reinterpretation of the history of the decorative arts of the second nineteenth-century by including the significant role of the performing arts. Some of the archives used for this research will be presented alongside my argument in order to discuss how to create, document and manage an interdisciplinary research corpus from various collections in France and in England.

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