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Design History Society Seminar series: Hidden Histories: Gender in Design

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    Jennifer Komar Olivarez

    Our upcoming seminar series ‘Hidden Histories: Gender in Design’ aims to bring to the fore hidden or previously ignored figures and design projects, and seeks to highlight the role of gender and collaborative process behind much design history of the last century and into the future.
    The seminars are free and held online so we warmly invite everyone to attend.

    Please register for free via Eventbrite and see attached a PDF of the full programme with abstracts and speaker biographies
    Session 1: Thursday 7th April 2022
    Gender in Design Histories: Historiography and Methodology

    • Eve Stirling, Melanie Levick-Parkin, and Lee Wright: ARE WE THERE YET? A look in the rear-view mirror of feminist perspectives on women and design to help us map the messy terrain that might lead us to better design futures
    • Molly Rottman: A Special Course of Study: Queer Pedagogy at Parsons School of Design
    • Dale Gyure: Frivolous Decorators: the Gendering of “Ballet School” Architecture in the 1960s
    • Laura E Franz: Using Categorical Analysis to Identify Underrepresentation in Graphic Design History
    • Monica Tusinean: Re-use and Care: the Relevance of Feminist Theory on Architectural Transformation Processes

    Session 2: Thursday 14th April 2022
    Gender in Design: Hidden Histories of Labour and Professions

    • Erica Robles-Anderson and Scott Ferguson: The Visual Cliff: Eleanor Gibson and the Origins of Affordance
    • Ana Vaz Milheiro: Gendered Work in former Portuguese colonial Africa: mass labour and Public Works
    • Lu Zhang: Rural-to-Urban Migrant Women and Temporary Space in China
    • Kerry Meakin: The Unknown Women in the Hidden History of Window Display
    • Erin Malone: Missing Women in the History of Interaction Design

    Session 3: Thursday 21st April 2022
    Archives and Beyond: Strategies for Historical Research in Gender in Design

    • Elin Manker: To Lack an Archive: Hidden Histories and Active Archive-ism
    • Dina Benbrahim: Resisting Patriarchy: the Amazigh Design Archive
    • Peter Fine: Design Counterparts: the Practice and Lives of the Eames and the Vignellis
    • Parisa Heidari: The Role of Women in Development of Waqf Buildings in Islamic lands in the Safavid and Ottoman Empires
    • Catharina Dorr: The Gender of Objects

    Session 4: Thursday 28th April 2022
    Hidden Histories: Gender in Interior Design

    • Vanessa Galvin: The Victorian Spiritualist Home as Feminist Temple
    • Catriona Quinn: “How does it feel to be the architect’s fetch and carry man?” Australian interior designers and architects in the postwar era: open hostilities and concealed collaborations
    • Sarah Mursal: New perspectives of design Identity tropes: Caribbean women in the home
    • Saeed Haghir, Mohammad Amini, and Mahya Kermani: Investigating the role of user gender in Iranian bathroom decorations; Comparison of arrays of two parts for men and women in Haj Agha Torab Nahavand bath

    Session 5: Thursday 5th May 2022
    Hidden Histories: Gender in Dress and Graphic Design

    • Anna Dempsey: Angel DeCora: Native American Modern Designer and “Forgotten” Histories
    • Jaleen Grove: Olive Allen and Graphic Nonchalance in Edwardian Girls’ Media
    • Teal Triggs: Fleur Cowes: Flair By Design (1949-1951)
    • Elizabeth Tregenza: A Designer and Her Handwriting: Olive O’Neill 1902-1989
    • Madeline Porsella: Electric Lady Liberty: Self-fashioning Through Fancy-Dress

    Session 6: Thursday 12th May 2022
    Gender in Design: Hidden Histories of Collaboration and Collective Practice

    • Rujana Rebernjak: Designers from the margins: women’s organisations as agents of design production in 1950s Yugoslavia
    • Catherine Townsend: Friends and lovers, careers in exile: the fate of German-Jewish women architects, a study of Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt) and Erika Rathgeber.
    • Mirjam Deckers: Gunta Stölzl and the paradoxical power of the collective name
    • Laura Martinez de Guerenu: Silenced Contributions: Lilly Reich in Barcelona
    • Alexandra Chiriac: Gender Trouble: a Hidden History of Modern Design in Romania: M. H. Maxy and Mela Brun-Maxy

    Session 7: Thursday 19th May 2022 (This sessions will start at 20.00 BST to accommodate global participation)
    Gender in Design: Hidden Histories of Design Amidst the Cold War

    • Francesco E Guida: Women Pioneers in the Golden Age of Italian Graphic Design
    • Bettina Siegele: Overcoming the Obstacle of “The Architect”: Karola Bloch
    • Alyona Sokolnikova:Missing Profile: a Study of the Professional Role of Women in 1960-80s Soviet Design
    • Isabel Duarte: A Feminist Revision of Portuguese Graphic Design History: Fátima Rolo Duarte
    • Sarah Teasley: Gendered design experiences in Tokyo, 1975-85

    8: Thursday 26th May 2022
    Gender in Design: Pedagogic Histories and Practices

    Part 1: Histories

    • Alexandra Kocsis:The Class of 1911: the Beginnings of Coeducation in the Royal School of Arts and Crafts, Budapest
    • Benoît Vandevoort: Interior Design: an Excellent Domain for ‘Les Religieuses’
    • Barbara Jaffee: The Forgotten Futurism of Helen Gardner’s “Art Through the Ages”
    • Dina Benbrahim, Lisa Maione, and Bree McMahon: A Contested Classroom: a Pedagogy of Resistance Against Colonial Discourses

    Part 2; Contemporary Practices

    • Jen Pepper: Is Design Education Failing Women Designers?
    • Sofia Fernandez: Gender Studies in University Design Programmes in Germany
    • Deepika Srivastava: Evaluating the Role of Gender in Influencing the Operations of a Woman-led Contemporary Architectural Studio in India: Shimul Jhaveri Kadri
    • Yarden Levy: Designing Designers: Educating Fashion Designers Through Gendered Ideals

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