This group explores the impact of the climate crisis on the methods and narratives used to write architectural history, as well as the role architecture has played in shaping the current crisis. The group also focuses on climate justice—the ways in which inequities and instabilities produced by climate change are distributed, often with the heaviest impacts on the most vulnerable.

Footnotes on Climate by the Avery Review and Columbia Books on Architecture

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    Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.
    @meral2020, last accessed on 8.23.2021.

    “…This reading list is offered not as a survey of the field or even a syllabus of sorts, but as a collection of documents (historical and contemporary, scholarly and speculative, governmental and activist, scientific and science-fictive) that ask us, each in its own way, to consider again how climate intersects with architectural ideas…”

    Footnotes on Climate is a project of the Avery Review and Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, issued on the occasion of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, May 2016.

    James GrahamManaging Editor
    Caitlin Blanchfield

    Contributing Editors
    Alissa Anderson
    Jordan H. Carver
    Jacob Moore

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