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Turkey\’s Local-Global Dichotomy and Hotel Interiors in the 1950s

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    Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.

    After İstanbul Hilton:

    Turkey’s Local-Global Dichotomy in the 1950s Interiors of Divan Hotel and Çınar Hotel

    By Hande Atmaca Çetin, Funda Uz, Zeynep Tuna Ultav

    Published by “Interiors: Design, Architecture, Culture”

    Published online: 02 Feb 2022 

    “ This study analyzes the socio-spatial qualities of hotel interiors built in Turkey after the opening of the İstanbul Hilton Hotel in 1955. It aims to reveal the construction of the modern interior in Turkey and its effects on social life at the Divan Hotel (1956) and Çınar Hotel (1958), which were Turkey’s first modern hotels built with local capital and local architects. As Turkey’s first modern hotel, İstanbul Hilton was regarded as a model for subsequent tourism buildings, Çınar and Divan Hotels hotels were usually compared with the Hilton’s aesthetics, and seen as reminiscent of the Hilton, particularly the outer shell and building formation. However, their interiors have been completely overlooked. This is an important omission, because, contrary to its modernist outer shell, the İstanbul Hilton Hotel interiors were designed with a contrasting orientalist approach. This study therefore investigates how this dichotomy influenced the interiors of the Divan Çınar Hotels…”

    Link:, last accessed on 3.17.2022.

    For more, please see; Cetin, H. A., 2019, Reading the Modern Through Hotel Interiors of the 1950s: Divan and Çinar Hotels In İstanbul, Ph.D. Dissertation, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul.

    Full access:, last accessed on 3.17.2022. 

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