Architectural Studies is a growing component of the undergraduate liberal arts curricula at many colleges and universities, generally those that do not offer pre-professional architectural education. Often housed in an art history department and directed by an architectural historian, Architectural Studies programs generally feature an interdisciplinary major and/or minor capable of providing students with a range of critical perspectives on the built environment, as well as preparation for professional graduate study. The SAH Architectural Studies Affiliate Group provides opportunities for SAH members associated with and interested in Architectural Studies programs to discuss the institutional and pedagogical challenges unique to these programs.

Current: Collective for Architecture History and Environment

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    Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.

    Current: Collective for Architecture History and Environment

    \”…Current: seeks to develop strong alliances with fields that are already poised to address the climate crisis such as ecology, sociology, anthropology, media studies, geography, critical race studies, history of science, history of technology, and the environmental humanities at large…\”;

    Founding editors: Dalal Musaed Alsayer, Daniel A. Barber, Carson Chan, last accessed on 9.12.2021.

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