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Concrete in Switzerland, Histories from the Recent Past

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    Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.

    Concrete in Switzerland, Histories from the Recent Past

    Edited by Salvatore Aprea, Nicola Navone, Laurent Stalder, and Sarah Nichols

    April 2022

    The University of Chicago Press, distributed for EPFL

    \” A groundbreaking work resulting from the collaboration between the three major Swiss architectural archives and the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel. Concrete in Switzerland is a historical assessment of the most controversial building material of our time: concrete. The book addresses a number of issues of global relevance from a particular vantage point: reinforced concrete construction in Switzerland. Through contributions by internationally renowned researchers, Concrete in Switzerland analyzes a series of moments in the Swiss history of reinforced concrete, from the initial phase of its introduction in the country to the most refined applications in architecture and engineering. Groundbreaking and thorough, Concrete in Switzerland explores the history and application of a contentious material.”

    Press, last accessed on 4.13.2022.

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