This group is for anyone who is interested in exploring the intersections between human culture and the natural environment, especially in terms of how humans and the environment co-create each other over long periods of time (aka the longue durée). In this particular group, the tangible materiality of the landscape is considered to be just as relevant as its intangible cultural and social aspects. Furthermore, we welcome any discussion of how architectural, urban, territorial and environmental knowledge can transcend boundaries of time, space, languages and cultures, as it is transmitted from one part of the globe to another, so as to create new types of landscapes. It is hoped that this group can serve as a forum where researchers of different specialties (whether they come from a hard sciences background, or the worlds of humanities and social sciences) can come together in a respectful exchange of ideas, as well as debate long-held assumptions about the built environment (including both the dimensions of architecture and the forms of the landscape, such as agricultural fields, various types of infrastructure, or ritual geography).


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