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    B. Vieira


    As part of the international celebrations of GIS Day, I have decided to organize a small online event using VooV (Tencent Meeting) and possibly Zoom (if conditions permit) to showcase how GIS software can be used for digitally reconstructing and analyzing pre-modern landscapes.

    Presentation title: “How to Use GIS to Reconstruct Premodern Landscapes: The Case Studies of Nagasaki and Tianjin”

    Date: 20 November, 2020

    Time: 14:00-15:00 (Beijing Time, UTC+08:00); The presentation time will be approximately 30-40 minutes, with 15 minutes available for Q&A.

    I will focus mainly on the case studies of two major port cities: Nagasaki (Japan) and Tianjin (China). In essence, I will present how I collected information from contemporary and historical sources about the environmental conditions of the ports, and inserted it into a GIS database so as to recreate a basic 3D model of Nagasaki Port’s topography around the 16th century, when it was first established. Following this, I will explain how a similar procedure can be employed for Tianjin, and what kind of studies we can make regarding the history of their built environment.

    Since time differences will make it difficult for scholars in Western regions to attend the event, I will make the video available on Youtube as an unlisted video for anyone who registers for the event. Any interested parties are welcome to freely register and send a request for a meeting code at the following email (I will send the unlisted video link to the same address once the event is over):


    Looking forward to having your participation!

    Basic GIS Day Event Info: https://www.gisday.com/en-us/overview#global-events






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